Future Plans


We're excited to announce some BIG news to the OAP family. SociAbility is coming to Oxford.

Find out more HERE.

Click the logo to find out more!

Click the logo to find out more!


To date, our mission has been to map the accessibility of Oxford's colleges and social venues. Our dedicated members literally measure, photograph and detail the accessibility features of these key social spaces.

This work provides crucial information to wheelchair users that will empower them to live more active social lives. It also shines a light on the often invisible barriers to social inclusion that wheelchair users face on a daily basis. 

Looking ahead, we hope to:

  • continue mapping Oxford's social venues and broaden our horizons to Cowley, St Clements, and Summertown;
  • expand our information-gathering to accomodate non-mobility related disabilities; and
  • make our unique mapping platform freely available on all Internet-enabled devices.

We hope to continue raising awareness of the pressing need for better access in Oxford, and society more broadly, as well as to break down the stereotypes and myths about living with a disability.

We are a young, socially-minded start-up that sees disability as diversity. With your help, we're empowering persons with disabilities to live engaged and fulfilling lives. Our work will help both present and future generations of Oxford students and visitors.

Thank you for your support.

Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street, Oxford

Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street, Oxford